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Greed – Spoken Word Poem

We walk on white tiles Moving with greed. We search out “Bargain sales” Superseding our need. All the while, We think of ourselves, We look for the newest style, And grab products off shelves. We are the Western ideal, of… Continue Reading →

Writer’s Seminar

Never trust the dealer, Never kill the rat, Never sign the paper, Never rent the flat. Don’t enlist in gangs; Nor claim a life; Never watch a man hang; Never pull a knife. Always do what’s right, Don’t believe in… Continue Reading →

Alone by the Window Sill

In the winter night I feel the cold air fill my lung as I sit beside the open window. My chest slowly rises as the air filling my lungs, cold at first, but was quickly heated taking what warmth I… Continue Reading →

Book Spines to Poem Lines

I decide to create some spine poems with added sections to help clarify the meaning of the poems. Snow “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” “Melt” in the “Face of the Rising Sun” and descend as “Water for Elephants”. …Water trickles down… Continue Reading →

The Short Story of a Dark Room

I lie in bed and stare out in to the darkness. I see nothing except for the fuzzy black and gray spots as my eyes desperately search for light. There are cars that pass by my window illuminating the room… Continue Reading →

Autumn leaves

Sun rays shine through Autumn leaves, That hang down from limbs of trees. There stems are soon to falter, Due to their lack of life: water. From the treetop they will fall, While winter makes its frost crawl. They spin… Continue Reading →

River Writing

:My Picture: I wish that the rest of days had the weather of today, with its rays of sunlight and gusts of air, lulling in its bracing warmth and waking with its subtle chills. I sit on rocks on the… Continue Reading →


Have you attended a play recently? Whether you are frequent appreciator of the dramatic arts or have not seen a play at all, I encourage you to go see Othello performed by The Shakespeare Company. Their thrilling action scenes and… Continue Reading →


“I have always hated heights” I screamed to the guy sitting beside me. “What?” He screamed back to me, confused about what I was trying to say. I turned my head to look at the sheet metal floor, knowing that… Continue Reading →

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